3 Famous Photo Artists in the States

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Photo art is something brilliant and eye catching. There is something magical about taking the still image of a lens, and capturing something magical. Famous photo artists have come from all walks of life, and all regions of the world. The following are three famous photo artists in the States who have made an indelible mark on the genre. 

Annie Lebovitz

Annie Lebovitz is a name that is almost synonymous with photo art. The portrait photograph artist takes still images of some of the most famous individuals in the world. From presidents and first ladies to rock stars, she has a beauty and grace that transcends her photographs, and captures the essence of her subjects. Her works are not only coveted, but also sought after and utilised in major publications across the world. She has been in Marie Claire, Time, and created literary and photo works all on her own that capture the unique nature of her subjects. A legend in her own right, she is one of the most famous photo artists in the United States.

Ansel Adams

Another of the most famous photographic artists from America would have to be Ansel Adams. This photographer made a tremendous impact on the world of photography as he captured numerous images that stood out, and made beauty transcend the image. Known as a hard worker, Adams worked an astonishing eighteen hours a day. His focus was not on the person, per say, but the world around them. His most famous works included Mt. McKinley and Half Dome, among others. Physical beauty was his subject, and this meant a great expanse of imagery, and a world of subject matter. Chances are that you have seen his works and may never have known his name, but he truly is one of the most famous, and best photo artists that America has produced.

James Nachtwey

Photographs can be powerful and beautiful. They can also take an art platform, and use it for true change. James Nachtwey has made an impactful mark on the world with his photographic art in War photography. His images not only capture the strife and pain of peoples fighting, but the atrocities of war that can easily be dismissed by those that are not directly in the line of fire. From the bare bones of a starving populace to the rage of a young soldier, Nachtwey has worked his way to the top, and holds a place as one of the most famous photo artists from the States.

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