Photo Art Galleries in the US

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The Etherton Gallery in Arizona is the place if you are interested in vintage and contemporary landscape fine art photography. With past exhibitions such as A Grand View: Arizona Landscape Photography, 1871-2010 showcasing the power and beauty of the American landscape, this gallery is a great introduction to the ability of photographers to capture the natural world in a unique light. See more at:


Gallery 291 in San Francisco gives you the opportunity of immersing yourself in a single artist’s work. Recent exhibitions include the atmospheric photography of Peter Hebeisen and his exploration of Europe’s long-forgotten battlefields (Metamorphosis and Myth). This white cube venue gives you the peace needed to contemplate great photo art. Visit the website at:


Denver Photo Art Gallery draws upon a large number of fine art photographers to create colourful exhibitions of the natural world. With a focus on the brightness, diversity, and excitement of nature, this shows a side to a medium that is often atmospheric and brooding. See more at:

Washington, DC

The Connersmith is a mixed media contemporary art gallery. If you are interested in photo art within its wider artistic context, visit this gallery to see pieces of documentary photography placed next to video performance and traditional drawing. A gallery that highlights the multi-disciplinary nature of contemporary art. Visit the website at:


The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts offers the viewer a historical look at the world of photo art, with famous names like Andy Warhol and Dorothea Lange being explored in innovative exhibitions. The gallery gives the audience a great way to learn more about the history of photography in the US. See more at:


The Jackson Fine Arts Gallery in Atlanta exhibits a wide range of photo art. There are a number of photographers here focusing on portraiture and the complexity of humanity. A great example of this is the recent exhibition by Joseph Guay entitled “Memory Portraits”, a body of work which combines photo and video art to expose and make beautiful the memory of a number of vastly different people. Visit the website at:

Of course there are hundreds more art galleries in the US exhibiting photographic art, but hopefully these few show you the variety available to see and explore.

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